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    *The pillowtie is an accessory that works with most neck pillows, though most effective with one that closes in the front. (neck pillow not included.)
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    The patented pillowtie is an affordable method to stabilize your travel neck pillow and head. Millions of travel neck pillows are purchased around the world in hopes to get some shut eye. My experience with the travel neck pillow has taught me that when finally falling asleep:

    You fall forward to abruptly wake up.

    You slowly slide over ending up on your neighbor’s shoulder.

    You rest your head on the pillow on top of the drop down table.

    These frustrating experiences taught me that using the travel neck pillow by itself is not the solution, since it moves with your head.

    “The idea of the pillowtie was born!”

    The pillowtie is a game changing product. With the pillowtie, I slept uninterrupted from the moment I laid my head back, until the seatbelt sign announcement for landing woke me up.

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    The pillowtie is an affordable method to stabilize your neck pillow and head, keeping them in place yet flexible for comfort. The pillowtie provides neck and spine alignment for healthier rest. The pillowtie simply hooks to the top of the seat back, (coach seats only), and loops onto your neck pillow for stability, giving you a “no-nod sleep”!

    According to “Spine Health”, the main causes of neck stiffness is sleeping in a position that strains the neck muscles by positioning the head in abnormal positions.
    Sleep is important to be productive, to avoid the common cold as it benefits the immune system and helps the body heal. One sleeps best when the head neck and spine align to keep it in a neutral position avoiding added curves or pressure.
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    The entrepreneurial, free spirited part of me has always been active and yearning to break away from the corporate “9-5 grind”. I am taking the biggest, most exciting risk in my life leaving the corporate world and launching the pillowtie.

    I believe this product is the one thing that has been missing to make sleeping in an airplane seat possible. It took many uncomfortable flights, getting sick and feeling groggy upon arrival before this idea was born.

    The pillowtie is manufactured in Los Angeles. The packaging is designed to be reused to store your pillowtie and convenient to pop in your bag.

    Please try this product on your next flight and give us feed back on your experience.

  • Elisabeth Blyberg

    I truly recommend this to all travellers using a neck pillow.

    Thank you for this product! Being able to rest on a plane without discomfort etc. and to sleep peacefully without head bobbing is a miracle! The Pillowtie keeps the neck/head position in place, I truly recommend this to all travellers using a neck pillow.

    Elisabeth Blyberg

    Ashish Bhatia, ASHISHB.NET

    The PillowTies recently sent me an interesting piece of travel gear to try which I never thought could have existed. If you are a traveler like me who uses a pillow to sleep on long distance flights but does not like the dangling pillow then this is the exact gear you are looking for. It holds the pillow vertically forcing all the neck movement to be in the horizontal plane. So, one can comfortably sleep straight or sideways while still ensuring that the neck remains in a good shape. In fact, even when I am not sleeping and just playing with my phone or watching videos, I have enjoyed its support in keeping my neck straight. It is relatively sleek and hence would easily fit in your travel jacket or backpack pockets. I, first, thought that this might not work on all different seat configurations but I have tried it over many domestic airlines in the US and it has always worked.

    Note: The initial installation does take some time to get used to, therefore, initially, I would recommend using a PillowTie only for long flights (4+ hours).

    Ashish Bhatia
    Tech Administrator / Media Influencer / Ashishb.net


    As funny as it is to watch other people bob around ... 

    I was selected to test this product. I travel for a living and can not express how this product has changed how I rest on a plane. It allowed me to have un-interruted sleep for 6 hours. No head bobbing, no strange neck positioning or discomfort. As funny as it is to watch other people bob around on a plane while trying to sleep, it is very embarrassing and frustrating to constantly be falling forward, sideways, onto your neighbors shoulders etc. This product is a must have for any traveler that uses a neck pillow. A true solution to what all neck pillows do not provide.

    Amazon Customer / Click to Read Full Review

    Adam J. Yoser, Doctor of Chiropractic

    I took the Pillowtie on a recent flight to the East coast, I noticed that about one out of five people brought a neck support pillow for the flight. Halfway through the flight, I also noticed that most people with a support pillow still had their head and neck in very poor alignment in an apparently uncomfortable position. The Pillowtie would easily provide the pillow support while maintaining a proper position of the head and neck.

    Adam J. Yoser, D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic. September 14, 2016